Wiiniis-United Affiliation Details

Friday, June 13, 2008

Terms and Conditions for Affiliation

-Link us on every page- Exceptions made!*
-Sites must have Media- Exceptions Made!
-Nice Webmasters and Staffs
-No hentai/pornography
-Appropriate language
-We just have to like your site! ^^
-English sites only!!!

*There will be Exceptions made for linking on every page. Instead if you do not wish (or cannot fulfill) putting our button on every page of your web site, then if you have a splash page or Affiliates Page (With all your affiliates), please link us there.

Please note that I will send you an E-mail whether I approve of your Web site or not. If you do get accepted as an affiliate within 3 days notice, I will check your site for our button if our button is not on your page. If it is not, you will be e-mailed. Another 3 days will be given, but if our button is still not there, then you will be removed from our affiliate.

There will be a certain format you must fulfill when you send us your affiliation E-Mail. The Subject of the E-Mail should title: "Wiiniis-United Affiliation" or something along those lines. This is what the e-mail should look like.

Name: (The Name of the Website)
Webmaster: (Name or Username of the Webmaster)
E-Mail: (Your E-mail address so we can keep in touch)
URL: (The URL of the Site)
Button: (The Image of the button)
Button URL: (The URL of the button image.)
Description: (A Description about your site)

Name: Wiiniis-United
Webmaster: Pikaboo
E-Mail: WiiniisUnited@gmail.com
URL: http://wiiniis-united.co.nr
Button URL: http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p150/XJGunz/wnubuttoncopycopy.gif
Description: At Wiiniis- United (or WNU), we review Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Virtual Console, and Wii Ware games as well as give some previews, sometimes some features, and some soon-to-be Retrospectives.

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