Super Paper Mario Walkthrough: Chapter 8- Castle Bleck

Saturday, June 21, 2008

By Nintendogirl_21 of It's-a-Mario

Chapter 8-1: The Impending Darkness

Head right, flip, then take the door. Go right and take the next door, then flip to take two sets of stairs up. Take the door at the top of the second set and go right, using Luigi to super jump to the upper left ledge. Take the door, then use Luigi again to super jump right, then use Peach to float across the gap and take the pipe. Go right and open the chest for a key, then head back out the pipe. If you go left all the way, super jump up over the wall to collect a Stop Watch and Long-Last Shake, then head back out the door. Drop off right and head through the locked door. Go right all the way to a door, flipping to avoid the enemies, then take the door. Go upstairs and get the Ultra Shroom at the top. This is a recurring puzzle from PM and TTYD where you'll need to watch the order of the candles. Go through the door and save, then use Bowser to light the candles so they appear in the order: unlit, lit, lit, unlit, lit. Head up the stairs, flip, then go through the door to fight O'Chunks (again). You must fight as Bowser, so use Barry again to beat him. Unfortunately, Bowser is now incapacitated. Permanently? I doubt it. Hit the star block at the end.

Chapter 8-2: The Crash

Head right and through the door. As suspicious as this looks, hit the ! switch to drop into a jail cell. Suckers! Go right and bomb the cracked wall with Boomer. Flip and go through the hole, then flip back, and take the left door. Flip again to pass the fiery things, then hit the red ! switch 2x. Head back out the door and take the pipe. Open the chests for a Courage Shell, key, and Life Shroom. Head right and flip, then drop down the hole, and through the locked door. Head upstairs, entering the first door and flipping behind the wall to get an Ultra Shroom Shake. Head back through the door and, atop the second set of stairs, take that door. Head right and grab the third mushroom hanging there. Flip and defeat the Chomeba enemy to get a key. Exit back through the pipe, head right and save, then go through the locked door. In a recurring inside joke from PM, answer the questions (liar, liar) as Ultra Shroom, Thunder Rage, Cooking Mistake. Head through the doors 3x in a row, collecting the items (check out all those Cooking Mistakes!) to fight Mimi. You must fight as Peach, so just fight her as usual, using Thoreau to reverse her rubee attack on her head. Jump on the green part when she transforms into a spider and dodge the spiky ball when it tumbles around (you can't attack it). Now Peach is sad. Hit the star block to continue onwards.

Chapter 8-3: Countdown to Destruction

Head right and take the door, then head right again and through another door. Ignore Dimentio as it's just a freaky mirror illusion, but dodge his crystal attacks. Jump to the fifth platform, then flip and head through the mirror. Go down to find the key, then head back through the mirror and jump right to the locked door. Grab the Mushroom, then head right and flip. Go through the door under/through the stairs. Use Luigi to super jump and hit the block on the far right, then take the door. Hit the middle block, then take the next door. Hit the block on the far right, then take the newly revealed door. Flip here to see the blocks in numbered order. Hit them in order 1, 2, 3 (middle, right, left), then collect the key. Go back left all the way to the stairs you passed by earlier (flip to see them), then climb up them and through the locked door. Then, head through the room, beating all enemies and enter the far right door. Flip to find arrows pointing you in various directions. Use Luigi to super jump, following them around and enter the rightmost door. In another mirror puzzle, jump across 6x, flip, and take the mirror. Ignore or use Cudge or Dashell to clobber the Dimentio holograms (or just jump through them) and get the Super Shroom and Thunder Rage at far left, and the key and a second Super Shroom at far right. Head back through the mirror and go right. Save, then take the door to fight Dimentio. In the first phase, follow them through various rooms, find the lightning rod and use Fleep to flip it, then hit the blue block that appears. First, flip the bolt in front of you and hit the block. In Lineland, head through the area to the door at the end. At Merlee's Mansion, head upstairs, flip and take the ladder up, then use Slim to pass the electric barriers. The bolt is on the vault. Underwater, head left past the whirlpool and two item blocks to find the bolt above a piece of pink pixilated seaweed. In Outer Space, head right, flip at the green door to pass through the wall, find the bolt in a crevice by the Sproing-Oing. In Cragnon Land, head right, flip, take the hidden path, then go left to find it. In Sammer's Kingdom, use Carrie and head right until you see it on the white wall. In the Underwhere, head up through the area to the very top (use discretion with the darkness) to find the bolt on the door. Back at Bleck's Castle, answer no to Dimentio, then you'll fight him for real as Luigi...and no Pixls. Darn. Dodge his crystal attack and obviously don't stand in the squares he draws on the field. Jump on top of the squares to avoid them and jump on Dimentio when he gets close enough. If he clones himself, just jump on any of them to guess the real one. And then there was one...Once finished, hit the star block.

Chapter 8-4: Tippi and Count Bleck

Now Luigi is gone, and Mario is all alone. There's nobody here beside me. My friends, they all have gone...Well, you know the rest of the song. Head right and through the door. Use Tippi to reveal a hidden door, then take it to move across platforms, Jumpman-style. If you hit a wall, just flip to navigate around it. Take the door at the end, then jump across more platforms. On the middle stationary platform, flip and take the pipe. Use Dottie to shrink and flip under the wall to get a key. Head back out through the pipe and jump across more platforms and through the locked door. Head right, flip to avoid the enemies, then take the door. Flip again and take the hidden doorway at right. Head through two more doorwayss just like before (flip to see them), then go right in 2D and take the door at the end. Head right all the way, then flip and go through three more hidden doorways at left (enough already!). Enter the door at the far right in 2D. Flip and head through the second hidden doorway at right, then through one more door and open the chest for an Ultra Shroom Shake. Head down, then through two hidden doors at right. Flip again, go right, and through the door at the end. Head upstairs, nab an Ultra Shroom, have Slim as your Pixl, then save, and head through the door for the major boss fight with Count Bleck. It's actually not too hard. But maybe I'm a master player :o) At first, you can't attack, but try anyway and you'll be reunited with your pals and the Pure Hearts will trounce Bleck's invisibility. As Mario, use Slim to avoid his attacks, which vary between shooting black holes, divebombing, using magic that slows you down, and teleporting. Also, avoid the big black hole that will suck you in, dealing damage. Try to jump on him whenever you get close, though he moves around A LOT. Your best strategy is to stay above ground, watch his movements, and jump like a madman! When you win, the true evil one, Dimentio, appears with the mysterious Mr. L to fight you. Now it's payback time! Use Bowser and Slim to attack. Again, you're not strong enough. The Pure Hearts will appear again and refill your HP, draining Mr. L's power. Just jump to the blocks and use the fiery breath attack on the head. Avoid the projectiles with Slim. Congrats, you've beaten the game. Doesn't it seem awfully fast? Oh well... Watch the credits to save your game and replay it to complete any side quests or other things. Just check out my other pages for info. Well done, Gamer!